These are mostly people crackin on little ol' Mogley, but goddamn are they funny. Oh, and check out the message from President Bush. AHHAHAHAHA That's some funny shit.

From: Roger (
Date: Wed Dec 5 23:08:22 2001

busted ass page

man, this page is broke as my pregnant sister on welfare. this honky
mothafucka don't know shit about dolemite. this dude needs to get some
stank on his hangdown, u dig?

red roger

From: Dorothy Verus (
Date: Wed Feb 27 03:36:35 2002

Fill all my holes, baby...

I wanna get double penetrated by Rudy Ray Moore and Chuck Connors on the
hood of a beat-up Crown Victoria parked in Watts! Talkin' 'bout
Crisco-time in the big city, Yeh-yuss!!!!
Click on my web site,

From: Rudy Ray Moore (
Date: Fri Jul 24 15:11:23 1998

your page sucks

You just some stupid white boy who thinks he pimp. This is one of the
worst pages I've seen on the web as of yet. Do yo self a favor and take
this off of the internet.


And the follow up...

From: dolemite
Date: Wed Dec 5 23:13:00 2001

this shit is bunk
i already done told yo pale ass that you need to take this shit off the
internet. you makin me look bad.
dolemite (rudy ray moore)

Date: Tue Sep 22 17:53:18 1998


My boy Eric and I are throwing a party in East Lansing Mi for all you
potential pimps( and hoes) on sept 26th! you know if you invited!!

From: Sly (
Date: Fri Sep 25 13:37:46 1998

This jive ass homepage bastad!

This page kicks motha fuckin ass you dig? Tdm has been lovin this sweet
ass shiznit!
Keep the naps rollin and the beotchs flowing.

From: Lisa Alston (
Date: Tue Jun 15 22:45:58 1999

Thiz shit is all Who-D-Who nigga

Ya keep it rea jive-ass wigger!! That is tight i've been looking fo some
dis shit, good lookin owt!!

From: rooster (
Date: Thu Sep 9 01:36:56 1999

Ummm, shazzam whooo! goddamn

Damn wooman!, this be some pimp-tight mother-fuckin bad ass shit! Can I
get a amen!?

From: monty.. (
Date: Thu Sep 14 16:22:45 2000

your site...

if fucking sucks.....i hope you rot in hell you fucking honkey...

Date: Sat Oct 14 00:36:08 2000


pimp slappin hoez,takin their doughz

From: alex
Date: Sun Dec 17 20:56:28 2000

whaddup to all my fly bitches and my homies.
mad props to dolemite
keep eating the pudding

From: George (
Date: Thu Jul 19 00:57:14 2001

Rudy Ray Moore is a Lincoln Republican.

Dear Mr. Mogley:

Thank you so much for sharing what's in your heart. A great many
Americans (myself included)admire Mr. Moore's honest, forthright
portrayal of African American life in his Dolemite films.

Mr. Moore's work has done so much to knock down negative stereotypes and
extend the cause of civil rights.

Rudy Ray Moore is what I like to call a Lincoln Republican.

Best wishes,

G. W. Bush

From: Betty D. Wrappette (
Date: Tue Aug 21 14:31:14 2001


Fuck you.

Mogley says, "Go on home!"