Check Out These Tight Dolemite Pics!

Dolemite at his best. Cracked-out like none other! He and Creeper been hittin the pipe too damn hard.

Shooting with two pistols is much easier if you are bowlegged, can you dig it?

Dolemite shuckin and jivin with the brothas.

Dolemite's fatass and a couple of his bitches.

Dolemite's top girl picks him up from jail for a little lovin'.

This is Reverend Gibbs, "That's mighty black of you, Reverend."
--Officer White.

Reverend Gibbs preachin' some mad bullshit.

The Reverend just got caught with a big ass bitch.

Dolemite's shootin those wiggers up.

This honky is after Dolemite because Dolemite slept with his wife.

Here's Dolemite with the Sheriff's wife.

This is Queen Bee. She gets Dolemite's black ass out of jail.

"Me and these girls had to sell pussy on the god damn corner trying to save your black ass."

Here's Queen Bee rockin the cowboy hat.

Another one of Dolemite's girls.

The Human Tornado!

Creeper hustlin' the burger joint. Listen to this mad shit.

"I'm so bad I kick my own ass twice a day."

Check out that pimp walk.

Some bastard's bustin a cap in Creeper's nappy ass.

Dolemite kicking some ass!

Dolemite's fightin pose.

Check out that 'fro!

One of the honky rat bastards who frames Dolemite for coke and stolen fur posession.

The other honky rat bastard.

This is Dolemite before he gets set up by Willie Greene.
"There's nothin in my trunk, man!!"

Willie Greene blowin lines with his girl.

D'Urville also directed this masterpiece.

"That's for fuckin with me, you no-business-jock-jawed mother fucker!"

Dolemite chillin at The Total Experience.
"Way, Way down in the jungle deep..."

Dolemite's kung fu bitches gettin' some schoolin'.

Dolemite gettin' his bitches hip to his masta plan.

Takin them hoes to class.

Dolemite's sunday-best.

Check out that pimp suit.

Dolemite: Fresh out of the joint.

Forget Leonardo!

Gettin ready to kick some ass.

Here's Dolemite in his younger years.

This is Leroy and Skillet from "The Devil's Son In Law"


Mogley says, "Go on back!"